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Whatever your telecommunication needs, landlines, mobile phones, private, office or business use, UKPHONETRADER allows you to buy, sell and swap all your goods for FREE!
Once registered you'll be able to place unlimited FREE Photo-Classifieds of all your phone related items and customise your listing to suit your needs, including phone, email, whatsapp, facebook, your personal webpage, google-maps and most of your social media links! You'll also get a free online mailbox and may update or modify your phone advert, (including up to 10 photos), anytime you like, 24-hours a day. Whether buying an iPhone, selling a ship-2-shore radio, or seeking a replacement battery, UKPhoneTrader offers so much more!

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Buy, Sell or Swap all kinds of telephones, personal or professional ...
• Memory Cards, Batteries, Protective Covers, Screens, Cables, Chargers
• Office Systems, Switchboards, PABX, Two-way, CB and Marine Radios
• Huge selection of new & used mobile phones and commercial systems
• Latest models to collector items, fax machines and phone exchanges
• Need a Phone?? .. Reply to as many of our Photo-Ads as you like
• Upload Photos for FREE, Free Online Mailbox, Adverts are GRATIS!!
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from vintage phones to the latest gen mobile devices, marine radios to screens, cases and accessories, we are available 24/7 to help you with all your buying, selling and exchange needs!
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Mobile Phones, Landlines, Answer & Fax Machines, Telex, Switchboards, etc
Whatever your telecommunication needs, from the latest mobile handsets to base-units, PABX office systems or something old and collectable ... Find them all here!!
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Looking for or Offering Covers, Holders, Screen Protectors, Hand-free Kits
Whether installing a new car-phone or connecting your android mobile to a hands-free kit, bluetooth device or whatever, find or list it here!!
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CB Rigs, Ship-to-Shore Radios, Walkie-Talkies
From high-tech military satellite phones to marine radios, a CB for your taxi, to
a pair of two-ways for your business or recreational use ... list and them here!!
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Need Something Extra??
Phone Chargers, Cables, Batteries and Accessories
Looking for or offering your phone extras like chargers, spare batteries, boosters, PC cables or anything else in the phone communications world? ... Find it here!!
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Don't lose out!! Click Here to Place Your Advert!!
Don't lose out!! Click Here to Place Your Advert!!

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